omChain Incentive Program — #cometoomChain

In order to raise awareness of our cutting edge technologies and our blockchain infrastructure, as Team #omChain, we are launching an incentive program that has never run before by any blockchain. Read more to discover what we are going to be providing to the project and companies who would like to be using #omChain in their project.

What is the #cometoomChain program?

Blockchains need dapps, and dapps need users and developers. Here at Open Money, we are providing an enterprise grade blockchain infrastructure for individuals, teams and businesses. Even though our blockchain infrastructure is capable of processing large amount of transactions, the user adoption and dapps deployed on the blockchain enables the ecosystem to grow.

Our vision from the day zero was to meet the both user and developer expectations in the blockchain ecosystem and raise awareness of the blockchain technology. Now that we have a blockchain infrastrcuture ready to be used (see the blocks live at: we are here to help developers who would like to develop EVM compatible Dapps but don’t know how to start or how to deliver a product. That’s why we are launching “Come to omChain” incentive program.

What are the requirements?

We only have one requirement, Come to omChain!

We are planning on helping as many project as we can in order to grow our ecosystem. For that reason, we will be supporting projects from the business development phase till the full launch if the project owners / teams agree to launch the MVPs on #omChain. We know that there are a lot of different blockchains out there and each offer a different solution to a different problem. For that reason we would like to build ideas that could be executed in a multi-chain / hybrid way. And for that reason, we already have a blockchain bridge built for ERC-20 compatible smart contracts. We are also planning on launching a fully functional proxy bridge, so that even the smart contract calls could be proxied between different networks.

What will we provide?

Every project has different needs, different target audience and different goals. For that reason we will be helping projects in various fields, namely;

  • Business Development
  • Tokenomics
  • Whitepaper review & audit
  • Advisory support
  • Smart contract concept development
  • Smart contract development
  • Smart contract audit
  • Addition of token to blockchain bridge, multi-chain support
  • Listing of the project on omApp’s Dapps section
  • Listing of the project on omChain website’s ecosystem page
  • Setup of the staking page & platform (if needed)
  • Guidance through ICO/IEO
  • Guidance through DEX/CEX listings
  • Possible funding support from the omChain community
  • Marketing support (announcing project to omChain community, AMA / Youtube Live events etc.)

What about the community?

Since day one, we feel the support of our community through good times and bad times. With every product & app release they have given us their support and we have had hundreds of testers and feedbacks from the community. The support of the community enables us to deliver better products because we get to know what exactly we need and how we are going to be building it.

And with Come to omChain incentive program, we believe that the #omChain community will be helping projects on testing their applications, providing feedback and letting them know about what they feel about the project. Here, we strongly rely on the valuable #omChain community.

How do I apply?

Please fill in the form HERE ( and we will be in contact with you.

Initially we will review all the applications for a few days, and reach you out for the initial meeting and tell you more about the onboarding process and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Any project who is willing to build on #omChain can apply. So, come on now, tell us more about you and your project!



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