omChain Reward Program

3 min readMay 12, 2022

We couldn’t let this rebranding happen without distributing rewards to the omChain community. So, we’re launching a new reward program to spread the word out and have everyone #cometoomChain!

How do I join the Reward Program?

Visit omChain Rewards page by clicking the link HERE and connect your wallet.

After connecting your wallet via the CONNECT WALLET button, you need to enter your e-mail and enter the code written on your e-mail to the field. Once you have successfully verified your e-mail, you can start completing other tasks.

We are also distributing 50 OMC per reference you have! So keep sharing your reference link to be able to earn more bonuses!

What are the tasks?

We have three different categories for earning rewards, beginner tasks for everyone to do, and intermediate tasks to spread omChain awarenes, and expert tasks to spread out the word.

You have to complete at least 4 beginner tasks to be able to do intermediate tasks, and you have to complete at least 3 intermediate tasks to open expert tasks.

Beginner tasks consists of;

  • Follow omChain on Twitter
  • Follow omChain on Instagram
  • Join omChain Telegram Group
  • Follow omChain on Medium
  • Subscribe to the omChain’s Youtube Channel
  • Tweet about omChain with #omChain and #OMC hashtags

Intermediate tasks consist of;

  • Add omChain to Watchlist on CMC
  • Tell people about OMC on the CMC live chat
  • Hold minimum of 1000 OMC during the event
  • Use the omLink blockchain bridge to transfer your OMC to different networks

Expert tasks consist of;

  • Make a youtube video
  • Write a medium article
  • Deploy a smart contract on omChain
  • Add liquidity

You think you have done something different that helps us?

Fill the form at the footer to let us know about your task and earn up to 10.000 OMC bonus!