Omlira’s First Quarter In a Nutshell

It is again that time of the quarter, where you get to read what we have achieved so far on the project. Before diving deep into the updates, fasten your seat belts and adjust your seats because this will be a long read 👩🏼‍🚀

Say “Hello” to BEP-20 Deposits on Bitget 👋

The leading crypto exchange platform, famous with its copy-trading feature, have enabled BEP-20 deposits and withdrawals for the Omlira. Users are now able to deposit OML on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Read the official announcement at:

Ⓜ️ OML is listed on the MEXC assesment zone

At January 18, 2022 the crypto exchange platform MEXC held a special deposit competition for five projects and Omlira community has shown its power and was granted a special position to be listed on the MEXC assesment zone.

Users from all around the world are now able to purchase OML from the MEXC. If you would like to sign-up & start trading on the OML/USDT parity on MEXC, follow the URL here:

🔥 It was time we burn something: 5.000.000 OML Burned 🔥

The listing of OML on the MEXC was celebrated with 5.000.000 OML being burned. Click the link HERE to see how it actually got burned on the blockchain!

See? That’s how it burned

ODTÜ/METU Best Blockchain/Crypto Asset Startup Award 🏆

We love when we do good things for everyone, and we love it even more when it is recognized and the Omlira’s hard work was not forgotten at the 7th Crystal Tree Awards held at the Middle East Technical University (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi).

Omlira was given the “Best Cryptocurrency/Blockchain Startup of The Year 2021” award.

🧑‍🏫 The More We Know, The Better We Are

It is important that what we know and what we are capable of. But perhaps it is equally important to share what we know with others. For that reason, under the name of omAkademi, we have held various trainings & seminars, collaborating with different universities and innovation & incubation zones.

Blockchain & Tokenization — OGEM Istanbul
“Teknoloji ve Gelecek” — Bengü Türk TV

💸Ⓜ️ $10.000 worth airdrop held on omChain

Not only information, but the tokens are better once they are shared. (You still be careful with your seed words ⚠️). We have collaborated with the Airdrop Inspector to distribute total of $10K worth Omlira on the omChain. Total of 2000 users have received Omlira from the airdrop and more than 150K users participated in the event.

That’s him, the Airdrop Inspector!

YTU Alternative Energy Systems Club’s Visit

We keep spreading the word around, lets get blockchainified and our next victim was Yildiz Technical University’s Alternative Energy Sysmtes Club’s students 😅

We have talked about how blockchain technology can change our understanding of data ownership and how AR/VR technologies along with the concept of Metaverse can change our understanding of socializing.

The students, along with the general secretary of the YTU Ahmet Karahan and the deputy of Istanbul Osman Boyraz, got to experience our virtual reality demo applications.

🤝 Good partners, good work!

We have partnered with various companies and agencies to boost our hard work. Evox (check them out HERE) is one of the partners we are now collaborating with. They are best known for their marketing and strategic work on the crypto ecosystem. We are collaborating and together exploring the potential strategies for our project’s further development and growth.

🌉 Welcome to Avax Omlira!

In order to support our interoperability vision, we have added Avalanche as the supported network to the omLink blockchain bridge. Users are now able to bridge their Omlira between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and omChain networks using omLink Bridge at:

You can read more about our Avalanche Journey from our Medium post.

🚜 Farm, but a Super one!

In order to support our growth, we have partnered up with the Pangolin, the best decentralized exchange operating on the Avalanche Network (you can check them out here: and enabled Super Farming on AVAX/OML parity.

Super Farm allows users to lock their AVAX and OML to earn up to 600% bonus rewards on their deposits. This incentive helps us have more liquidity locked on the liquidity pool thus enabling larger swaps to happen without big price effects helping the stability of the project and the Omlira.

As of now, the total liquidity locked on the Super Farm exceeds $145K

You can read more about Super Farm, and how you can participate from our Medium post.

We haven’t just worked on partnerships or events, or the Super Farm and the bridge. Knowing our mission and roadmap, we have developed 2 more solutions for the Omlira ecosystem.

One of the solutions we have developed is the ChainCERT.

Whoa! Certificates as NFTs??

ChainCert allows institutions and universities to integrate their certification systems using our web portal or the provided API endpoints to issue the NFTs for the certificates they have.

This allows third parties, who would like to verify the integrity of the certificate, to verify that the certificate & diploma they receive is indeed valid. Soon we will have institutions onboarding and with each certificate issued, we will be burning a custom&fixed amount of OML on the omChain.

🍰 Here comes the dessert!

We all know that everyone here and there create their own crypto wallet, sometimes not knowing which one to use, but almost always frustrated with the experience. Considering that, we have developed the best mobile crypto app that is more than just a wallet: omApp!

Now this is the SUPER APP

The alpha tests for the omApp have been ongoing for around two weeks, and you can download the alpha release from the link below:


The beta version will be released soon and will be downloadable from App Store and Google Play Store.

What next?

Just as we have worked a lot during the first quarter of the year 2022, we will be working on product improvements and delivering new smart-contract based projects to raise awareness of the omChain and Omlira.

We will be updating you about our roadmap and the products we are working on soon. Please follow our social media accounts to learn about the recent news from us.




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