Rebranding, what to expect?

7 min readApr 8, 2022

Recently we have asked you, whether we should be rebranding or not and most of you have said that we should be. Even though the voting is still ongoing on the Open Vote app, we wanted to tell you a bit more about what we are planning and what lies ahead.

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So, what’s the deal?

Since the first day of our project, we wanted to have the blockchain technologies at the heart of our products. That’s why when we have announced the new solutions, all of them had blockchain in it, and even better, we have omChain.

While it takes time to build projects and solutions, it is also important that the token or the coin offered with the project has a utility and it is properly used & there is a demand for it. Projects without a demand for their token are generally performing poorly and soon die out. Until we have launched the omChain infrastructure, Omlira was also one of them. However, now things change and Omlira is the native coin (gas token) of the omChain.

In summary, if there is a higher demand for a product than the supply, then the price of the produt increases. In reverse, if supply is higher than demand, the price decreases. For blockchain projects like ours, it is important that the blockchain infrastructure is properly used and the token is utilized. For that reason, starting from 2022 we have focused on attracting new developers, smart contracts and projects to be built on the omChain. However, we have a problem.

Because the Omlira & omChain have different names, and so far seen as different products, it was hard for both developers and token holders to understand the use case of Omlira and not many people were aware of the fact that we have a blockchain infrastructure. So, it costed us double the time to try to brand both omChain and Omlira together. And that’s why, we asked you whether we should be rebranding now.

What does all that mean?

It means that blockchains should be used for their gas token to be valuable. For that reason we have been collaborating with various companies, businesses, developers and game design studios and we have identified a few problems blocking the adoption of omChain;

  • Not many people are aware of our blockchain infrastructure
  • Not many people know how to use a hot wallet (like omApp)
  • There are only a few smart contract developers
  • The omChain is not integrated to any crypto exchange
  • Not many people know how to use a blockchain bridge (like omLink)

In order to solve these problems and increase the adoption of omChain, we have planned & took some actions and below you can read them.

1. Rebranding

We don’t want omChain to be seen as a different product. Ethereum has Ether, Avalanche has Avalanche, Solana has Solana and omChain has Omlira. Two different names causes investors and developers to think there are two different products when in fact there is actually one blockchain infrastructure and its gas token.

For that reason we want to rebrand the Omlira in a way that we will just be promoting the blockchain infrastructure and people will immediately understand that they need the gas token to interact with the super awesome blockchain we have.

2. omApp

Because not many people are aware of how crypto wallets work, and it’s a headache for many people to use wallets like Trust Wallet & Metamask, we have developed the omApp, which is more than just a wallet.

Promoting omApp will automatically promote omChain. Why? you might ask, well, because omApp’s default blockchain is omChain. Don’t worry though, you can still manually add new blockchains just like you do in Metamask and Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon networks are already added by default.

If people know how to transact & use our gas token, it is easier for them to HODL.

3. Hackathon & University Events & Developer Support

We know that not many people know how to write smart contracts and how to turn them into a properly working Dapp. For that reason, we have been meeting with students from different universities and collaborating with programmers who would like to start developing Dapps.

Our CEO Osman Kuzucu have completed a private Dapp development course with 200+ selected students and at least 30 of them completed the course. We are also preparing a 20+ hours long Solidity & Blockchain development course to attract more developers to the omChain ecosystem.

The private courses are not enough themselves, so we have collaborated with the Turkiye Acik Kaynak Kod Platformu & AcikHack and Bilisim Vadisi to have the biggest hackathon of Turkey to be held between May 13–15, 2022 at Bilisim Vadisi, Turkey.

With the support of our sponsors, we will be distributing around $20K in total to the smart contract and blockchain developers. We hope to have some of the Dapps & apps developed during the hackathon to use omChain infrastructure. Also the event is the best way for us to promote our blockchain infrastructure and our expertise.

We are also planning on launching a developer support program, where if a developer agrees to build smart contracts on the omChain, we will be providing them a grant so that they can start using omChain infrastructure without worrying about financial problems.

4. omChain Integration & omLink awareness

We have contacted with the centralized exchanges supporting omChain to enable deposits & withdrawals on the omChain so that our token holders can deposit & withdraw without worrying much about excess transaction fees.

However, the integration is not only important for our token, but also will be important for the newly minted tokens on the omChain. Due to the costs of integrating a new blockchain infrastructure to the crypto exchanges, we all can see that even the biggest blockchains are not integrated to all exchanges.

For that reason we are planning an upgrade on the omLink blockchain bridge, so that freshly minted tokens on the omChain will also have the chance to be bridged to other blockchains to react Dex’es built on various other blockchains.

We are also actively looking for projects to bridge. If you are holding various tokens and are complaining about the gas fees, please let us and their developer team about our blockchain bridge.

We are also planning upgrading the omLink protocol to a better & easier to use one so that users who have never used a blockchain bridge will be able to use it without any problem. So far, transactions originated from different blockchains towards omChain are handled without any problem and not costing users any gas fees & tokens.

5. Blockchain Certification

Because our expertise is in smart contract development, and we want omChain to be utilized, we have developed one such Dapp for having valuable documents & certificates to be processed and minted as NFTs for future validation.

We are hoping for at least one million Omlira to be burned till the end of the year because of the utilization of omChain. And the good part is that the platform is not specific to a type of a certificate. Any educational or financial institution can use the blockchain certification app.

All good, what now?

What we are going to be doing is up to you. Rebranding is not an easy task but we are not so easy to beat. The price of our token might be fluctating due to not many buy or sell orders placed on the centralized exchange. With the rebranding & promotions of omChain & omApp, we are hoping to raise awareness of our technology and see more buy orders than sell ones.

When it comes to the HODLing, we are aware that some of our token hodlers have been hodling for long time, for that reason we will be launching our staking app soon too. This way users will be able to stake their tokens and receive their rewards. It is important to understand how this additional token supply will effect the price. Also it is important to understand that, the users who are not actively using their tokens (such as participating in the super farm, or staking the tokens) will have poorer performance compared to the ones using the incentives we are launching.

In order to not miss on the rewards and increase the amount of tokens you have, please pay attention to the announcements and incentives we are sharing with you on our social media accounts.