The SUPERFARM — Earn OML Rewards

🚀 🚀 Ⓜ️ It is the day that we are finally announcing the first Liquidity Mining incentive of the Omlira ecosystem, collaborating with the Pangolin Dex (visit them at for the Omlira’s next era. Read more to discover what is a superfarm and how you can start earning Ⓜ️ OML rewards.

P.S: 🔥 We are distributing 3M OML! 🔥

The term superfarm means farming tokens, but in a super way.

What is it, really?

The Pangolin Super Farm yielding model is the new incentive Pangolin Dex have started to help projects boost their liquidity and TVL on the Pangolin Dex.

By providing liquidity on the selected farms on Pangolin Dex (you can see the list of them here: you can earn 2, 3 or even 10 tokens at the same time for the liquidity provided to the protocol.

You can read more about the Super Farm from the official Medium article here

How do I earn Liquidity Rewards?

Before you start your journey, you should purchase some AVAX from the supported exchanges, and withdraw your AVAX to your Avalanche-C Chain wallet. If you don’t know how to buy AVAX, please check the link below;

After you have some AVAX in your wallet, visit the Pangolin Dex to swap some of the AVAX you have for the OML, or use the omLink token bridge to bridge Ⓜ️ OML tokens from ETH/BSC/omChain networks. Once you have some Ⓜ️ OML and AVAX ready in your wallet, just like we had, you can add liquidity to the Ⓜ️ OML/AVAX pool to earn rewards.

How do I earn even more Ⓜ️ OML & PNG??

In order to earn super farm rewards on the Pangolin Dex, first you have to deposit liquidity to the OML/AVAX liquidity pool. Please visit the link below to add Ⓜ️OML and AVAX to the liquidity pool.

Upon adding liquidity to the pool, you should now be earning rewards from swaps happening on that pool, proportionately to the amount of tokens you have deposited to the LP.

Now it’s your time to visit the link below to deposit your LP tokens to the SUPER FARM to earn SUPER REWARDS

Wait wait, numbers going crazy?!

If you’re seeing some numbers going up, that means you have successfully added LP tokens to the super farm. On the top right you’ll see the Pool’s rate of distribution. In our case it is 2823 PNG / week and 697,491 OML / week

The rewards will be proportionately distributed to the LP token owners based on the LP tokens deposited to the super farm.

You can add/remove LP tokens and liquidity to the Ⓜ️OML/AVAX pool whenever you want. When you want to withdraw your LP tokens, you will withdraw any token rewards along with the initially deposited LP tokens.



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